Segregation of Duties

Improve security and achieve compliance by preventing conflicts of interest

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Define and enforce SoD policies

It is critical to business security that toxic combinations of access rights are promptly identified and dealt with. For instance, a user with access to writing cheques must not also have access to validating cheques. This combination could spell disaster when either the user himself succumbs to temptation, or if their access is compromised.

Ilantus SoD Management enables you to establish a secure access control framework to detect and prevent conflicts of interest across applications.

  • Create policies for roles, entitlements, and applications
  • Enforce these policies both offline and in real time.

Offline SoD Violation Management

  • Administration can invoke (or schedule) SoD Violation Detection process
  • CI initiates this process as per the schedule and sends notifications to appropriate stakeholders (SoD Owners) when SoD violations are identified
  • Owners can then
    • Correct the violation – By removing the violated element(s)
    • Accept the violation – By clicking “Accept” and adding comments

Real time SoD Violation Management

  • Ilantus detects SoD violations during:
    • The Access Request Process – notifying the requesting user during his Access Request submission, and notifying approvers during request approval process
    • The Access Recertification Process – notifying reviewers about identified violations
  • It can notify users, their managers, admins, or a specific set of users, based on the policy defined by the admin
  • It can utilize risk-based policies