Simple, transparent pricing.

Ilantus has re-invented the way customers subscribe to services that brings IAM down to a fraction of the cost.

With user-based subscription models, you pay for all users to use all services, no matter how much or how little they use. With Ilantus Pay-per-Use IAM (PPU), you simply pay for consumption – number of logins, passwords resets, MFA used, new users onboarded, accesses recertified and more.  You can monitor your IAM expenses, see how IAM is used by departments and be able to appropriately debit these expenses internally. Even the utilization of other business applications is made available.

There was never a better way to justify ROI on Identity and Access Management.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is pay-per-use? Is it different from SaaS subscription?

Pay-per-use is a model where you pay mostly for usage of the product rather than having access for users. Yes, it is different from SaaS subscription, you enjoy the benefits of not having to pay a fixed amount upfront.

What is the deployment model under pay-per-use?

SaaS – Cloud – Multi-tenant

What features are available in the pay-per-use model?

Below are the features available for consumption:

  • Single Sign-on
  • MFA
  • Self-service Password Management capabilities
  • New hire provisioning
  • Mover provisioning
  • Leaver de-provisioning
  • Access Request
  • Access Certified
  • Compliance Reports
  • Usage Reports

Please refer the features document for more details.

Can I avail only a particular service from the available options? (lets say client want only password reset)

Yes, you can avail the service of choice, in general you pay for what you consume.

What are the license charges?

License charges are based on the consumption of features. The per unit rate is available in the proposal, please reach your Account/Partner Manager to know more.

What are the implementation charges?

Implementation charges are towards supporting you in implementing the services subscribed for. There are four implementation package options to pick and choose from: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Enterprise

What are the support charges?

Support charges are towards Educational services, Customer services and Customer success. There are four options to pick and choose from: Classic (offered free as default), Silver, Gold, Platinum

How much do I have to spend to begin using pay-per-use solution?

You spend only 1 month minimal fixed subscription and a small one-time deposit

Is there a minimum and maximum user number for pay-per-use model?

No minimum number of users. Maxixum users is 5,000.

Can I use the pay-per-use for any industry vertical?

Yes, you can use for any industry vertical

Can I monitor my consumption department wise?

Yes, you can monitor consumption department-wise

Will I be able to view the usage trend - department/company wise?

Yes, you can view the usage trend – department/company wise

Compact Identity

What is converged IAM? Why is CI called Converged IAM?

Converged IAM combines Access Management (AM) and Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) into a single software. Compact Identity even offers Privileged Access Management (PAM) and Identity Analytics, something that no other Converged IAM software does.

What are the USPs of CI?

“*Single product for all your IAM needs
*Allows advanced interaction between IGA, AM, and PAM modules”

How are you ranked in the Analyst community such as Gartner

Compact Identity is featured in Gartner’s Access Management Magic Quadrant for 2021, and its 2021 IGA Market Guide. Kuppingercole gave it a special spot in its 2021 Leadership Compass, and it was also featured in Frost & Sullivan’s FROST RADAR 2021.


Why is the there still a fixed monthly subscription in pay-per-use model?

The fixed monthly subscription is towards the cloud hosting and management of the IAM application, updates and upgrades, support for the CI platform and access to community portal.

Does the fixed monthly subscription amount vary based on the services subscribed for?

Yes, the monthly subscription amount is based on users slab you fall in.

What is fixed deposit?

The fixed deposit amount is equivalent to 2 months’ subscription, paid upfront upon purchase.

Can I get refund of the fixed deposit?

Yes, the fixed deposit is refunded within 30 days of subscription termination or applied to the final month of the subscription or the consumption.

Does the deposit amount vary on the services subscribed for?

Yes, the deposit amount varies as per the user slab count and the services subscribed for.

How do I get refund on my deposit?

Just intimate by 15th of a month. We will switch-off the system on the last day of the month and refund your deposit within 30 days

How is the consumption calculated?

The consumption is calculated based on the charge for a service multiplied by usage number for that service.

What is the billing cycle?

The billing cycle is monthly (30 days).

When do I pay for consumption?

You pay on the last day of the next month of consumption. Ex: The consumption for April will be paid at the end of May.

Can the billing take place monthly/quarterly/annually?

It is currently fixed for a monthly billing.

Implementation Support

Does the implementation support package have minimum consultation hours?

Yes, the minimum consulting time per session is 2 hours (applies across packages).

How do we select implementation support package most appropriate for us?

You may consult our help desk, they will guide you through.

What is included in the implementation support package?

It includes training and remote consulting sessions. Please reach your Partner Manager to know more.

Do you provide any free implementation support?

No free implementation support

Post Implementation Support

What type of support packages are available?

We offer four support packages: Classic (offered free as default), Silver, Gold, Platinum

Is there any default support package that comes along with pay-per-use at no additional cost?

Yes, Classic support package is offered at no additional cost

Do you provide a dedicated resource?

Yes, in two of the support models (Gold and Platinum)


Which cloud services do you use?


Does the cloud service come with High Availability and Disaster Recovery


How secure is the SaaS deployed IAM?

Ilantus has implemented several security such as below to ensure and maintain data integrity:

  • Secure Infrastructure
  • Secure Cloud Service
  • Secure Personnel
  • Secure Development Lifecycle
  • Secure, Audited Process & Controls

Which region is the data center hosted?

The date centers are hosted locally for each regions such as US, EMEA, APAC

What is the SLA for cloud service?

Ilantus offers 99.95% availability of its Cloud Service

What are the different complaince certificates available with CI

SOC 2 Type II 2019, ISO 270001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018

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