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Access Review As A Service

Did you know that about 50% of breaches are expected to be caused by insiders this year?

While managers who conduct access certification reviews find ways to give Access Reviews the care and required, there will always be times when the demands are overwhelming— for example, when reviewers are required to laboriously certify every single user’s access. At times, even for an application that they already know everyone in their unit needs.

However, if reviewers had tools that enabled them to fulfill their duties quickly and accurately, reviews wouldn’t be a challenge.

“Ilantus offers Access Review as a service, a hassle-free option for those of you who want to run Access Review campaigns with ease and pay only for setup and consumption, over license-free deployment.”
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Today, organizations need identity governance technology that applies analytics and automation to simplify the access certification review process.

With Ilantus Access Review as a Service, organizations will be able to:

  Collect entitlement data across your enterprise
  Have business-friendly names for entitlements
  Review easier with the right context to make decisions
  Revoke access automatically ensuring closed-loop remediation
  Pay based on the number of user access campaigns you run

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