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Rahul Phutane | Ilantus Products

Rahul Phutane
Product Manager

A hardworking professional during the week and a fun-loving hobby-chef by the weekends, Rahul has learnt to get his balance right.

An Engineer tuned business graduate, Rahul worked for a top MNC in Bangalore for about two years before he joined Ilantus and brought with him extensive pre-sales and product management expertise.

Rahul has been associated with Ilantus for 7 months now. While it is a relatively short duration, he has done some tremendous work in the product management and pre-sales domains and has been well- recognized for his work.

He thinks highly of his team and says, “They are incredibly easy to work with. I love their ‘Never say Never attitude’. When you tell them that something is to be done, even if that includes areas they have not worked on before, they take their ETA and never miss the deadline. Their efficiency and mutual bonding inspire me”

Rahul had his breakthrough point at Ilantus when he was chosen to manage Compact Identity, a one of its kind product that combines Access Management and Identity Governance and Administration. The product created quite a stir in the market owing to the fact that it simplifies the complexities of the IAM space. And as someone responsible for providing product demos to the clients, updating the roadmap and coordinating with the technical team, he takes pride in being the “Go-to” person for anything related to the product.

When asked to describe his experience of working on a product like Compact Identity, he says, “It was a learning experience at an all new level. Standing at the converging point of the technology and customer experience, the insights involved in this product’s journey have given me a window to my own capabilities as much as it has about the industry needs”.

Rahul copulates his 7-month journey at Ilantus by saying, “Ilantus is one large family, a family that always has your back when you need them the most. You can learn, explore and experiment. They are always doing something unique, different and valuable. Each project you work on helps you grow exponentially. And to top it, when you work so well together, you always find the time to have fun. To build more and collectively work for the greater good.”

Ilantus sees a lot of potential in Rahul and applauds him for his work and contribution.

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