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The benefit of Converged IAM for SMBs | Ilantus Products
The benefit of Converged IAM for SMBs
Is Data Manipulation a bigger threat than stealing data | Ilantus Products
Is Data Manipulation a bigger threat than stealing data?
5 Data Breach Myths 15NV | Ilantus Products
5 Data-breach Myths
Cyber Warfare: Cybercrime at the Digital Frontier
28 October 2021
We all grew up reading about the unfortunate yet famous war times. The stories igniting several movies, stringing at the hearts of citizens. From grandparents bearing witness to the battles once fought to today where the theories of who is to blame for what muddled in several stories. Although they occurred generations ago, the collated effects can be seen even today—given how they have affected every country, its economies and lives of its citizens. There...
Identity and Access Management – The Evolving Paradigm
17 March 2021
According to Cybersecurity Ventures, cybercrime is going to cost the world $10.5 trillion annually by 2025. The reason for this nightmarish number? The digital landscape is extending exponentially every day, increasing the number of opportunities for bad actors. Organizations are now seeing the value in cybersecurity solutions. This has led to a drastic increase in cybersecurity spends – A report stated that the global IAM market size is projected to...
Four Reasons Why You ABSOLUTELY Need Privileged Access Management
25 February 2021
With great power comes great responsibility – most of us have heard this famous quote. When it comes to businesses and specifically larger organizations, everyone holds a certain amount of power whether it is with employee data, customer data, access to servers, access to sensitive documents, or even access to corporate social media accounts. Granted that the levels of power differ, but does the onus of responsibility lie with the individuals who handle these...